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Not only people obey nutrition fashions, there are also dog feeding trends in the world. One of these is raw dog nutrition. It is important to mention that supporters of this natural feeding trend do not call it a fashion, as they think it is exactly such type of food which dogs deserve.

When dog owners choose the best food for their pets, they usually raise a question how one food differs from another. We can answer to this question very simply, as:

  • RAFUS MENU is frozen dogs’ food of raw meat, subproducts and crushed bones
  • RAFUS MENU is 100% natural and it contains no preservatives, flavour enhancers, colourings and other food additives
  • RAFUS MENU dog food is not heat-treated, so all natural vitamins existing in meat and subroducts have survived
  • For RAFUS MENU food production natural meat is used which is suitable for human’s nutrition
  • RAFUS MENU does not contain any grains containing gluten (only rice is used in one of mixtures but it does not contain gluten)
  • RAFUS MENU is produced in accordance with BARF diet principles
  • With RAFUS MENBU it is very easy to ensure food variety as it is packed in packages of 500 grams, so one day you will be able to give your dog beef mixture and another day lamb or chicken with beef and rice
  • It is easier to feed RAFUS MENU as mixtures are already prepared and balanced. You just need to defrost them and give to your pet.

You are not sure what dogs would choose for themselves – dry food or raw meat? We made an experiment in Vingis Park, here you can see the results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI3PpEYjxKM

So try our products!