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Some time ago we fed our dogs as, probably, most of us do, i. e. we used to choose dry food of the best quality with as much as possible meat in it and as little as possible food additives in it. We believed that in such a way your dogs receive the best food. But one breeder who had been breeding dogs for more than 20 years made us doubt. Why should we give dry food with as much as possible meat in it if we can give them meat instead?

Here our interest in dog’s nutrition and causes determining good dogs’ health began. Yes, there is no universal opinion on how to feed dogs and, most probably, it is impossible to reach it. So, we have to choose the way which we believe in. And for us it is feeding dogs the food which they would choose living in the natural environment: raw meat, subproducts and bones.

So we began to feed our beloved girls Japanese akita Michiko and Samoyed Akira different meat mixtures.

In such a way, from great love for dogs family owned company and RAFUS MENU brand were born. The brand marks only the highest quality products which fully comply with the nutritional needs of animals. Offer your pets these products.