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If you feed your beloved pet dry food, you should switch to RAFUS MENU gradually, after 7-10 days.

Although some of dogs tolerate change of the eating habits well, gradual transition from dry food to raw food will ensure avoidance of stomach irritations, because:

  • The ferments needed to digest food containing a lot of proteins, i. e. raw meat and bones are different than those needed to digest food rich of carbohydrates (dry food).
  • Gastric pH of dogs which are fed dry food based on carbohydrates is higher compared to dogs which usually eat meat. Thus, time is needed to increase acidity level.

We offer a very simple scheme to create new eating habits of your pet:

Day 1 – one spoon of dry food change by one spoon of RAFUS MENU. For small dogs, it should be a teaspoon.

Day 2 – instead of one spoon, change two spoons of RAFUS MENU.

In subsequent days, gradually increase general RAFUS MENU food portion by decreasing amounts of dry food. If your dog starts to “spoil the air”, then do not mix dry food with raw meat; then better give raw meat in the morning and dry food in the evening. After a week of time, you will be able to feed your dog only meat.

  • Start with RAFUS MENU Starter mix with rice.
  • If your dog’s stool became looser, we recommend reducing raw food quantities for three days. When the state is improved, start to gradually increase RAFUS MENU food quantities again.
  • During the first feeding month it is recommended to additionally give your dog probiotics which you can buy in veterinary pharmacies.

Do not heat or boil food; also, do not pour hot water in it. In the evening remove it from freezer and place in refrigerator. By the morning, the food will be almost melt and give it in such condition. If your dog is small, then divide the food into two parts or more and freeze the remaining part again.