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Every dog is individual and therefore its nutritional needs are individual. Also the amount of food depends on the dog‘s age, activity and metabolic pathways.

It is calculated that a food portion for an adult dog should be 2-3% of its weight. Also, you can adjust the size of a portion by performing a very simple test: if you can easily feel your dog’s ribs and spine, then stick to the same portion size. If ribs and spine can be felt very easily, then increase the portion, and vice versa.

We recommend you to feed an adult dog twice per day.

Daily portion size for a puppy up to 9 months old should be around 4-6% of its weight; however, it shall be gradually increased to an average portion of 2.5% when the dog reaches adult weight.

We recommend you to feed a puppy 3-4 times per day.

In order to ensure full meals and absorption of all needed materials, we have to feed our dogs as much diversified food as possible, i. e. to feed it both beef and chicken, lamb and salmon.

Dogs, like people, love some products more and others less but variety is necessary for them. So, if your dog refuses to eat some mixture, then after 10 minutes put it in the refrigerator and serve the same food when you feed your dog next time. If the pet does not eat it again, then repeat the same thing again. In such a way, you will teach your dog that it must eat what is given, because you are its owner and you know what the best is.

After you give your dog food, do not forget to wash your hands with soap.